Sustainable floristry

Sustainable floristry

What is sustainable floristry?

Workshop Eden by Saffrina Smith

Are you a sustainable florist using sustainable floristry techniques or are you looking for a sustainable florist for your wedding or event?

This may be be of some help to you. Sustainable florists on the other hand may also be referred to as eco florists or eco floristry.

What exactly is an eco florist or sustainable florist?

This is a florist who uses a more sustainable source for flowers or and techniques. These are florists who don’t use one time plastics or very little of them, for instance they will use techniques where flowers are placed directly in to water.

The easiest way to achieve design in water is by using different vessels and vases, moss, test tubes, buckets and structures that can hold vessels of water to create arches and large scale designs.

Alternatively other mediums can be used to secure a water source. Agra wool is a great substitute to floral foam. it can hold a lot of water and be reused.

Whats wrong with floral foam or oasis blocks?

Whilst these have been used for many years they are full of plastic. One block of oasis takes over 150 years to fully degrade.

Even the bio degradable foam block is 50% degradable with the rest taking the full amount of time to compost down..

We do know for instance that not every florist will switch to a more sustainable way of working, but even using less plastics will have a massive impact of the waste the floristry industry produces.

Every year more and more products are becoming available to the floristry industry making it easier for florists to make the switch. Above all we are seeing a return to how flowers used to be made and arranged before all this mass produced plastic came onto the market.

It’s going full Circle.

Will this effect the longevity of the flowers.

Absolutely not. Why? similary all flowers are still in a water source.

Flowers will be processed and conditioned exactly the same and worked with in exactly the same way.

i actually think its better for the flowers being placed directly back into water, therefore not only making it better for the environment but better for the flowers.

Workshop Eden by Saffrina Smith

Why is this important?

It’s very important for a number of reasons.

Overall it will impact the environment for the better, It will also be beneficial for the flowers. Going from water to water is best.

For me it’s important for florists to keep being creative and come up with new ideas and designs using different mediums. It’s what helps to keep the industry vibrant and artistic.

Not only is it more environmentally friendly it is also easier for us to create deigns in specific spaces and go bigger and better than ever before.

Hardware stores and online outlets have a massive selection of options for foam free mechanics.

Hanging flowers, statement staircases, fabulous fireplaces can all be made with sustainable mediums.

does it cost more?

It actually doesn’t, additionally it wouldn’t effect the flower count or the designs just the way they are made.

We as florists do need to reinvest in ourselves, our business and our staff. I know i personally have spent time on workshops and courses to up level my skills. basically this of course makes us better at what we do.

This cost will therefor along the line will be absorbed by our clients but this is the same with all bills and overheads.

I understand that not everyone wants a sustainable wedding but surveys show that 60% of guests would feel better about a wedding knowing it had some sustainability.

Workshop Eden by Saffina Smith

Will it take longer to make and set up wedding flowers?

I think it’s actually a quicker process. Majority of flowers are also durable out of water for 12-24 hours as well.

Basically this technique makes you think about mechanics a lot more in advance and can then make everything run smoother.

Albeit the only obstacle we can see it when water vessels are in a high volume walk way with guests.

No one wants puddles of water at weddings or events.

It’s a great way to please wedding and event venues as well. Lots of sustainable techniques don’t damage or leave evidence that they have been there.

does this mean clients can’t keep any arrangements?

Yes and No

It wouldn’t be possible for clients/couples to keep arrangements as they are as we will need the vessels and containers back.

This doesn’t mean they cant keep any flowers. We normally dismantle any large arrangements and bunch them up into smaller more manageable bouquets for the couple and guests to take home.

All long stemmed flowers will be put aside, furthermore short stemmed flowers will be taken away.


If you need to make the switch to foam free then please do get in touch

Additionally we offer a range of 1:1 and workshops to increase your knowledge of foam free techniques.

Sustainable floristry is the best decision you will make.