Bridal Bouquets

What’s all the fuss?

Photograph by Veronika joy Photography

Are you worried about your bridal bouquet? Whats all the fuss with bridal bouquets?

Will it be too big, too small, look like the inspiration picture? Their is so much to think about so let us help you with this blog.

Bridal bouquets get photographed so much, they are the most photgraphed of all your wedding flowers so i always recommend a splurge on this design.

What Shape should i go for with my bridal bouquet?

This is one i get a lot, I think most brides want something informal, natural and loose looking in design with their own bridal bouquets. This doesn’t mean you can not have something different other than a hand tied.

Cascading, teardrop designs are becoming a hot new trend lately therefore i wouldn’t make up your mind too early. Having flexibility with your florist is key. We all know trends change meaning so do your options.

Light and airy will always be popular and this can be achieved with many shapes and sizes. Creating Movement is so very important.

What is movement?

Movement is key but what is it? I call it “when the flowers dance” it makes all the difference with a lovely bouquet to magical bridal bouquets.

Having some taller delicate stems sticking out and some fuller bodied flowers lower down will help make the flowers natural and not stiff. Therefore giving natural movement.

Flowers should look like how they grow in the garden, with taller, mid and short stems. All at different heights.

Texture in bridal bouquets.

Texture helps the flowers come alive. This sounds silly as they are a living product but when i say this i mean, it helps each flower shine.

Using lots of varieties, tall, short, large, small, smooth, spiked, fluffy and single petal flowers helps give interest to the bridal bouquets.

This means every time you look at the bouquet you see something new, interesting and make you keep coming back to look at it.

I don’t know what flowers to chose?

Good! In the best way possible. We are florists and do this for a living, this is what you are paying us to do.

If you want the best blooms, let’s face it who doesn’t. Leave this up to your florist

We can always try to include a specific flower but the more flexibility you have the more you will benefit. Why? because we can see what is the best available at market, add in one offs and make the bouquet truly unique to you.

What if i only want one variety of flower in my bridal bouquet?

We can still create gorgeous bridal bouquets with one variety of flower. Just roses in a staggered design is proving popular at the minute.

We would suggest maybe a few different variety of roses. These can be based on one colour but the shapes of roses can be different and add interest.

Don’t want roses? alternatively we can use other flowers and add interest and textures with tones and shades of colour or foliage.

Options are always available and we love options.

Photograph by Grace Nicole Photography

What mix of flowers work well for my bridal bouquet?

I think all flowers have their moments to shine. Suggestions for a bridal bouquets, i would say – don’t worry about the specific flowers go with the overall aesthetic.

I would always suggest having some for their looks, some for their smell and some for their shape and size.

Having variety is always best in my opinion.

What do you suggest for ribbons and binding?

For me i would suggest a beautiful silk ribbon. It just feels lovely in your hands.

Luxury ribbon with trails has a whimsical, romantic look and this is something always loved by our brides. Even if the ribbon trails don’t work for you we can still bind with a silk ribbon on the stems.

We can colour match up to suit the day the options are endless

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