Disco Fever wedding

Bright, bold flower statements with a disco vibe

Bright, bold flower statements with a disco vibe are the key to this tipi wedding. We adore this over the top tipi wedding using hot pinks and plenty of glitter balls. It really gives a fun feel to the whole wedding day.

We understand that a disco fever wedding are not for everyone, however being a little different with your floral decor really can help to give the lasting WOW for guests.

I mean who doesn’t love a glitter ball? especially on your wedding day. As said on strictly “It’s never too early for a 10 from Shirley” Get your dancing shoes on and let’s rip up the dance floor.


Sometimes when using bright flowers it can becoming jarring. For instance trying to use a multitude of colours makes it messy. The key to getting the right combo is to keep it simple. Choosing a few colours rather than lots helps with this.

Using different shades and tones of the same colour gives interest and depth with out it being a colour overload.

This works really with informal relaxed venues such as Tipi’s or similarly festival outdoor venues (weather permitting) They are great for a disco fever wedding.

Statement pieces are really the standout designs giving the fun feel. making a grand hanging design or a beautiful head table with floral overload means you can keep everything else a little simple. Guest tables can be reigned in with the florals but still have impact on the overall big picture.

Glitter balls

Nothing screams disco fever wedding more than glitter balls in various sizes hanging and placed strategically really do give the party vibe. Not to mention glitter balls will give a beautiful glow all day especially in darker spaces as tipi’s tend to be.

To enhance the party feel we also used paper lanterns and metallic streamers. Varying different sizes of glitter balls, paper lanterns and lengths of streamers helps give dimension to the design.

Within the design the flowers are pretty simple, choosing to only use what is normally known as filler flowers. We decided to use a multitude of dried gypsophila that we had saved from other weddings and sprayed it bright pink. The other flower we opted for was purple Limonium. This is a type of statice that works perfectly out of water.


The Cake was designed by @louswithlove who creates modern and elegant showstopper cakes and what a cake it was. The cake was kept elegant by being all on colour with a monogram of the. couples initials. Coloured silk ribbon in hot pink with mini glitter balls and pink gypsophila.

To kept the cake in keeping and party vibe, we used a clear perspex plinth filled with different size glitter balls and peach and pink coloured drapes on the table to give another hit of colour.

This is a perfect way of keeping the cake design sleek and simple and using accessories to keep everything on the same theme. it really helped in keeping the disco fever wedding alive.


We wanted to have fun with the stationery so used the same pink, coral and peach tones. Tassels made an appearance and to help everything pop we introduced a dark teal colour. This colour was used for the napkins and really makes the place names stand out.

Keeping it fun and free the “Lets Party signage was placed right next to the dance floor adorned with glitter balls and gypsophila..

To tie the tables with the large signs the table numbers were designed the same and put into frames to match the metallic streamers. Using the same colours and design bought everything together.

We used alternative stationery so every other place setting had a menu, this works great if you have lots of couples, everyone gets to look at there own menu rather than it getting passed around.

We wanted to keep everything electric so also used our neon sign “til death do us party”

Head table

The head table or top table as it is often referred too is a great space to make a statement. Our couple decided to use this space for just the two of them and had a sweetheart table.

This area is the perfect opportunity to re use some ceremony florals, if you have meadows down the aisle then they can be re purposed on the head table or possibly move the arch behind the couple (if its doable)

We have tied the head table in with the hanging floral by adding some metallic streamers and glitter balls.


This bouquet needed to be fun and funky to keep the disco fever and it was achieved by using a variety of florals with beautiful silk ribbons.

We had some unique anthuriums and then kept the gypsophila and Limonium to tie in with all the other florals. Beautiful Roses, Astilbe and Carnations. YES you read that right, carnations. I do have a new found love for old fashioned flowers and every flower finds it place.

All these beautiful pictures were provided by @dearestlovephotography

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