How to budget for your wedding flowers

Believe me, I know it can be daunting planning a wedding. Let’s face it, it’s probably something you haven’t done before. I know it can be a minefield choosing from multiple florists, but I think if you do a little planning and research it can become a whole lot easier and will definitely take the pressure off.

Firstly, no matter how much you try to convince yourself, no two florists are the same, no two quotes will be the same just like no two couples are the same. Everyone has different requirements and tastes; this is what makes us all different. We don’t all have the same likes and dislikes and that is what makes us all unique. This is something to remember when sourcing your preferred florist. Just like you as a couple, no florists are the same, we are all unique and wildly creative. You will find you can ask two florists for a quote and they may be vastly different in price.

Why is this?

Well, there are many factors, ranging from experience to how abundant (full of flowers) they are visualising and making each design.

Other factors include:

Quality of flowers

Staff costs


Van/transport costs

Utility bills (electric, gas, water, phone bills, WIFI)

Admin charges

Labour costs

The list goes on and on. It really can be a confusing space when you first start planning.

Sometimes I get brides that want a complete copy and paste wedding from Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong some of the pictures are beautiful and I am happy to use them as a creative inspiration source, but I am not a copy and paste florist. You are paying me to be creative and come up with designs that represent you as a couple. This is what makes me different; I work with you not for you. I offer a whole range of extra added value, from digital mock-ups, to personalised vision boards. I source materials and items specifically for you. Thus, making this unique only to you. I keep in touch regularly, making sure I keep you up to date with any work and feedback for your wedding flowers progression.

It is really a truly wonderful client experience.

I totally understand that emailing florists and asking for price lists is what is normally done but it’s not comparable. You don’t know what’s behind the prices. Let me tell you that booking the cheapest isn’t always the best option.

So, what should you spend on your wedding flowers? Ask yourself, what part of my wedding is the most important to me? Is flowers a big part? Is it the photographer? Is it the food? Dress? If you are wanting floral installations, such as staircase, arches, fireplaces or hanging designs then you will need more budget. Asking 8 people to be your bridesmaids may seem a good idea, but this is all extra flower cost if you are providing a bouquet for each of them. Normally 10% of the whole wedding budget plus travel and expenses is what is normally suggested for total floral spend. Again, this is just a ballpark figure it could be more if you want to go big or it could be less if you want more simplistic floral designs.

This may seem a lot to some couples and not to others, everything is down to personal preference. There is a florist out there for every couple. Make sure you spend your time following florists on socials who you feel you could have a good connection with.

I hope you have found this helpful, If you want to chat through your floral needs I would love to help you.