Marquee magic. Simple, chic, and elegant.

Marquees and Petal poles.

When I get a marquee wedding or petal pole brief it really makes my heart sing. It is such a blank canvas that I can get carried away. Now because it is a blank canvas it really doesn’t mean you have to fill it with colour. Keeping it elegant and chic really does create a massive impact.

What makes marquee magic, simple chic and elegant you may ask? well colours and textures always help.

I was lucky enough to floral this fabulous petal pole marquee, which a classic cream and green colour scheme.

We decided to keep the main installation simple with garlands of greenery. Giving a contrast of colour against the white tent ceiling.

Working with a mixture of tables, some round and some long we were able to mix up the table designs. This helped give a mixture of depth and design to the petal pole. It helped to keep the look fresh.

This was a late spring wedding, so we got lucky with the heat. It was just the perfect temperature for the flowers. If it’s too hot, then the flowers will wilt and if its frosty then the flowers will freeze and die. It really is a balancing act with marquees.

Textures make all the difference.

I mixed the greens of foliage’s from dark forest greens to paler greens, this complimented perfectly with the olive-coloured tablecloths. Adding lots of candles to give some soft ambience and glow as day turns to night. Using beautiful white ceramic footed bowls on the round tables and then long and low shallow trays on the long tables giving two luxury designs.

Photography by Hannah Amy Photography

Keeping up with trends?

The top table was an asymmetric design. Using the top edge of the table and the floor to create an interesting and unique design, opulent foliage’s helped to give the design a free-flowing natural feel. Placing a few simple stems of flowers to tie in with the guest tables.

Don’t forget the entrance!

The entrance to the petal pole marquee had some simple but effective floral columns. This really helped to welcome guests in and guide them to the wedding breakfast. Finally, I placed an opulent amount of foliage in the dresser for the cake and dessert to have their own little spotlight.

If you want to know how I can help transform your marquee with florals then get in touch. I can’t wait to help.