Statement Flowers

What are statement flowers and what do we mean by the word statement?

Statement flowers. What do we mean by the word statement? I’m sure you’ve seen this kind of word plastered all over instagram. This blog post will walk you through all the designs florists class as statement pieces.

These are also called investment florals or designs. Investments are the flowers that do all the hard work.

Statement flowers include; Arches, fireplaces, staircases, hanging designs and any other large scale flowers such as urns and pedestals.


Arches are a really popular design for statement flowers. These can be full on big and impactful to broken designs of pillars or smaller scale sprays of flowers attached to pre made arches.

They work really well for church entrances and ceremony backdrops.

Whats more they are so versatile they can be made in any colours, flowers and styles. Neat and compact to wild and elaborate. They suit all styles of weddings and all venues. They really are a go to statement flower design for any wedding.

Arch frames can be custom made as well, if you have an awkward space frames can be made any size to suit. Bespoke custom frames are more expensive but anything is possible in the world of flowers so just ask. It could be the make or break with the whole florals.


So many beautiful venues have stunning fireplaces. If there is a possibility to decorate this space then i say go for it. Nothing scream luxury statement flowers more than fireplace designs.

They have a lot of versatility, from simple arrangements that can still be show stopping to full on flowers cascading from the mantlepiece to the floor. Fireplaces can be found in the ceremony areas, welcome entrances and in wedding breakfast rooms. They make the perfect backdrops for statement flowers. Big, impactful and memorable designs that guests will remember for years to come.

Statement flowers are normally the biggest impact designs for the wedding. Although they can be moved we often leave them set in place for guests to have their own photo’s with.


We all love staircase photo’s, The first shots of the bride walking down the stairs or a big group shot with the couple surrounded by family and friends. They can only be made better with gorgeous flowers.

This can be a florals on the bottom step to full on banister garlands and flowers. No design is wrong and there is something to suit every design and venue.

Some staircase lend themselves better to floor flowers and some are not wide enough and work better with different designs. No design is wrong but your florist will know what will work best for your venue.

Hanging Designs

Hanging designs work great in marquees or where ground floor space is limited. Structures can be discreetly placed for venues that cant support or don’t have the correct hanging implements in place.

These designs tend to be more free form. Any shape and style is possible. Hoops flowers work great in marquees above the bar.

Ladders and long designs work great along the long length of the marquees between the two poles, They can give lots of drama and impact.

Hanging designs work great with just foliages, Of course we adore adding lots and lots of flowers. Working with your venue we can create the perfect designs to suit your needs.

I design for large scale and full impact designs, We live for the opulence and abundance.

Marquee Statement Flowers

As I have said above, hanging designs work really well. There is other options though with marquees.

We love decorating the poles and entrances just as much. Creating stunning florals wrapped around poles really work well for creating drama and a long lasting impression with guests.

Equally having a stunning entrance design works just as well. Welcoming guests on arrival and setting the tone for the day. Again any style and design is doable. We can create bespoke.

Ceremony Backdrops

Ceremony backdrops work well when the ceremony and wedding breakfast are in the same room. These stunning flowers can stay in situ and kept in the room.

They make the perfect backdrop for head table or sweetheart tables. Framing the special couple with an abundance of flowers.

These designs make the perfect photo opportunity for not only you the couple but for guests later on in the day. It’s a real instagram moment.

Lining the aisle with flowers gives a full look. These designs are totally transferable to other areas after the ceremony.

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